Strategic Marketing, Website and Digital marketing leading to Business Development

Our Services typically fit into 4 categories


For any sales and marketing activity to work its critical that you have a clear strategy and plan. From knowing who your customers are, to clearly understanding why they would want to buy a product / service from you. Being able to clearly identify how you are different to your competitors and importantly how you are positioned from a pricing perspective. Plus from a longer term perspective being able to see where you want to take your company. All of these elements go towards being part of your Sales and Marketing strategy


A high performing optimised website is critical for your business and we believe they have three key purposes

  • Increase your credibility
  • Generate you sales leads (even if the output is getting the phone to ring)
  • Converting prospective visitors into “identified” people with whom you can start to build a relationship or sell to them


In order to attract customers or get prospects to take action you need to create “campaigns” . Having an approach that is based on sending a single e mail, or a single piece of direct mail. Or exhibiting at an event without having any follow up in place will most likely be an ineffective process. Therefore its important to work out what steps and activities will help a prospect take action.


By measuring how well your sales and marketing activities are performing allows you to review and improve.

At Blue Dolphin Business Development we work with clients to help them formulate a strategy and action  plan, build them a business website that can be easily modified for sales and marketing campaigns and then measure everything we do so that we can see how effective the marketing has been and aim to improve it the next time