E Mail ATM – Maintain & Develop Customer Relationships

E Mail ATM™ Measurably Better E Mail Marketing

For Business to Business (B2B) E mail still provides a great mechanism for communicating to customers and prospects.


Many companies are very ineffective in the way that they conduct their e mail campaigns. E mail ATM is a system designed to maximise the effectiveness of the e mail and subsequent digital media

E Mail Marketing

E mail ATM improves your e mail marketing Our Email ATM service provides a complete service including

  • Ask about how EMail ATM can improve your e mail marketingE Mail MarketingList cleansing – we will clean / check your list to ensure maximum first campaign delivery
  • Offer development to ensure that the email has the greatest chance of being opened and clicked
  • E mail design so that it looks professional and credible
  • Integration with website as part of a co-ordinated campaign
  • Split testing of campaigns
  • Post campaign analysis to allow for continual development

If you have a list (database / spreadsheet or a series of lists) or are building a list of

  • Existing ‘live’ customers – people who have recently purchased from you (now depending on the product or service you sell they may have purchased 1 week ago or many years  ago)
  • Lapsed customers – people who have purchased from you in the past
  • Existing prospects – people who are known to you where you are currently trying to sell
  • New prospects – people who become aware of you (they might sign up to join your list, you might get there details at a networking event)