6L Strategic Marketing

6L Strategic Marketing is based around one of the most important elements of Sales & Marketing “Customers”. The 6L approach asks questions and identifies approaches and strategies for growth. Find Out More

Find Out Research

Find Out is a range of research services designed to provide you with valuable information and knowledge on which you can base important decisions. Find Out More

Rapid Test Marketing For Manufacturers

Rapid Test Marketing allows you to test market to a small group fast and measure campaign performance accurately. Find Out More 

Reasons companies use our strategic services

  • They are looking to grow their business but are struggling to identify how
  • Their existing marketing activities are not generating profitable sales
  • Sales and marketing is a reactive ineffective process within their organisation and they have no effective sales and marketing  systems

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Marketing Stimulation

Marketing Stimulation: a time and cost effective approach to revisiting your marketing strategy.

As recent economic developments show, it is essential that every organisation is just as focused on tomorrow’s challenges as on today’s activities. So is your marketing strategy delivering the results that your organisation needs AND keeping you on track to do that in the months and years to come?
With these objectives in mind, Blue Dolphin provides a Marketing Stimulation service. It’s not an academic exercise, but rather an approach that will challenge, provoke and stimulate you, providing the essential spark for new ideas and new opportunities.

Blending your knowledge and capability with new insights and experiences

The Marketing Stimulation process helps you look at your marketing from a different perspective. It has value as it creates an opportunity for you to think afresh about your marketing approach. But it is much more that just taking time out as it also brings you the support of Blue Dolphin’s team of consultants.
Our experienced commercial consultants will challenge your current marketing approach to unlock greater opportunities for successful plans and campaigns. They all have extensive practical marketing experience and will also introduce you to some new thinking and techniques. This is possible because of their work with other clients and the time they invest in keeping abreast of the latest marketing news and innovative developments.

The aim is to help you ensure the marketing planning process is truly driving forward the vision of the business, and not simply an annual exercise for restructuring budgets.

Designed with your time constraints in mind

We know that time is a critical resource for you so Marketing Stimulation is typically delivered in short sessions. The initial stage is an intensive session in which we will challenge you on your proposition, vision and current approach to promotion, as well as about which customers offer the best potential.
We use proven tools and techniques to expose potential problems, gaps and risks and identify the opportunities within the existing approach. To build on this we then provide detailed observations and recommendations along with thoughts for prioritisation.

The initial package is a facilitated half-day Marketing Stimulation session, backed up with a detailed report. Additional sessions, alternative consultancy support or training sessions can be arranged where required to continue the process.
Leading our Marketing Stimulation programme is Andrew Goode, an experienced marketer. Please contact us on 01733 361729 for more details about this service or to arrange a call or visit from Andrew.